Record two cameras into one video file.

With DuetCam and the release of the newest operating system from Apple, iOS 13, you'll be able to record videos using two cameras at the same time and save it to the device, share it online or even upload it directly to Instagram Stories.

Appstore * Requires iOS 13.0 and an iPhone Xr, Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max
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Multiple Cameras

If your phone has multiple cameras at the back, you can choose which one to use before starting recording.

Video Grid

Watch all the movies shot with the app inside the app, in a grid similar to the stock app. All videos are stored in the phone's library,

In-App Player

Play the videos without leaving the app and share or delete them directly within the player's view.

Direct to IG Stories

A special feature in the app settings' screen allows you to record a video and immediately opens it on Instagram.

Capture & Share Your Best Memories

Download the app now and share your content on social media with the hashtag #ShotWithDuetCam.